This Clean House

House Cleaning Tucson


We offer:

  • Maid Services in Tucson and Maid Services in Oro Valley
  • Recurring Maintenance Cleanings
  • Vacant home/apartment move-out cleanings
  • Vacation Rental Cleaning

Please call us for more detailed information on our Vacation Rental Cleaning Service.

  • Window Cleaning Services

The Initial Cleaning Service

The Initial Cleaning Service generally takes 2-2 ½ times longer than routine maintenance on your home, depending on the current condition of your home. Once the Initial Cleaning is completed your home is ready for regular maintenance services.

The Initial Cleaning includes:


  • All readily accessible areas (Does not include emptying bookshelves or china cabinets)
  • Accessible items picked up, dusted, dusted underneath and returned where found
  • Ceiling Fans- (from 3 step ladder) or blade edges and lights (with extension pole)
  • Baseboards (visible and accessible)
  • Hanging lights (over dining and/or kitchen table) dusted and cleaned. (Glass cleaned)
  • Patio/Breakfast area door glass cleaned top to bottom (Glass panels)
  • Fans, Baseboards, Door Trim, Doors and light switches wiped down (on rotation after Initial)


  • Counter tops cleaned.
  • Items on counter wiped down/placed back where found (i.e., coffeepot, mixers, toaster, etc.)
  • Stove top and microwave cleaned (Inside of oven upon request)
  • Top of refrigerator wiped down (Inside of refrigerator upon request)
  • Appliances wiped down (exteriors): Stainless steel appliances/sinks polished.
  • Cabinet faces wiped down (Top of cabinets cleaned upon request)


  • Counter tops, tubs, showers, sinks, and toilets disinfected and polished
  • Mirrors and fixtures polished
  • All counter top items wiped down and returned where they were found
  • All towel holders, toilet paper holders and shelves wiped down/dusted


  • All carpet vacuumed thoroughly
  • All “easily moved furniture” moved, vacuumed under and returned where found
  • Edge cleaning (upon customer request)
  • All hard floors vacuumed, “doodle-scrubbed and agitated” and then mopped thoroughly
  • All “easily moved furniture” moved, vacuumed under, mopped and returned where found
  • Rugs and floor mats returned to their original location
  • Front door entry way swept (Back porch upon customer request)
  • Beds stripped and made with fresh linens (upon customer request)
  • Laundering (upon customer request)

The Maintenance Cleaning

Same as the Initial Cleaning except:
  • Fans, baseboards and blinds cleaned on rotational basis (or each visit upon customer request)
  • Beds stripped and made with fresh linens (upon customer request)

 The Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning

 Same as the Initial Cleaning but also includes:
  • Interior of all appliances
  • Interior of all cabinets, drawers and closet shelves
  • Garage and garage floor (upon owners request)

Extra Services

  • Laundering
  • Organizing
  • Customized Cleaning to fit your needs and budget [add or delete from any of our Checklists]
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