To our potential new customers!

Thank you for your inquiry! This Clean House was established in 1996 and has become one of Tucson’s most used and reputable cleaning services. We started this business as college kids “the old-fashioned way”- door flyers, a car, a vacuum and a mop bucket. For two years, we developed a system of cleaning that is both detailed, thorough and that maximizes the work completed in the least amount of time.

Within two years, we built a very strong customer base and many of our loyal customers are still using our service today, having started using our services in 1996! We have watched many of our customer’s children go off to college after serving them for years- and we have even met some of the grandkids! Those opportunities have been and continue to be very rewarding to us!

We run our business with integrity by treating our team members and customers with the utmost respect. When we say we will send the same team to your home each visit, we mean it. This Clean House has an amazingly low employee turnover rate- which is the greatest problem in the cleaning industry. Keeping employees encouraged and enthused about their work is critical to maintaining the same team in your home and the same consistent work each visit. We work daily to that end.

We will communicate well with you. When you call for any request, you will always be greeted in a polite and professional manner and if you have a special request, we will bend over backwards for you. We are here to serve you because YOU are our business! We will do everything we can to accommodate your every request.

We hope that you will give us an opportunity to serve you.


Andy Fetsis
Owner of This Clean House since 1996